Dog ancestry

Scientists think they have made a discovery that may clarify the origins of the domestic dog — a preserved “puppy” that had lain undisturbed in the ice for about 18,000 years. The prehistoric canine was […]


NHS cost per person

I found the following data about how much per person the NHS costs compared to the Canadian health service, often cited as the best in the world. In 2017, spending on healthcare in the UK totalled £197.4 billion. This equates to […]


Dog ages

The idea that dogs age seven years for every human year is a myth, scientists have claimed. University of California researchers said they have also found puppies are middle-aged by the time they are two, […]


More on dogs

Out walking my dogs off the lead in an olive grove outside the village. They were a distance from me when a woman came past with a terrier on a lead. My dogs ran up […]



I’ve got two dogs, Penny, a Spanish Podenco, and Tipsy, a mixture with some German Shepherd. As I live alone, they provide great company and give me much needed exercise. They are large but very […]



I started photography using my granddad’s camera when I was five – a folding snapshot camera, all leather and brass and chrome. My grandfather had built his own enlarger when younger and years later would […]


My photographic workflow

Everyone will have their own way of doing things but for what it’s worth here is my workflow. I nowadays shoot with a tiny Sony A6300 mirrorless digital “SLR”. After a session, I plug the […]



This gallery represents the aspect of photography I like best. fiddling and tweaking my images. I am not one of those photographers who believes the camera has to capture reality, the scene as seen by […]