This gallery represents the aspect of photography I like best. fiddling and tweaking my images. I am not one of those photographers who believes the camera has to capture reality, the scene as seen by the photographer. Such purists are welcome to it, but to me, it is the final image that counts. How it has been arrived at is immaterial. For me it happens to be a camera, for other artists it is the paintbrush and a canvas. Whether my efforts are an improvement on the original scene is a person judgement and in any case isn’t the point. As I say it is the final image that I present for the viewer. It may well bear no relation to the original scene but since no one but me knew what that scene looked like it isn’t relevant.

I discuss this further in my blog as well as showing before and after shots for selected images where the changes haven’t been to drastic. Feel free to comment on my blog, whatever your views they are welcome.

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