I started photography using my granddad’s camera when I was five – a folding snapshot camera, all leather and brass and chrome. My grandfather had built his own enlarger when younger and years later would bequeath it to me when I started my own developing and printing in out attic. My father favoured cine making, first on standard 8mm then on the new Super 8 format. We already had loads of 9.5mm home movies made by my granddad and years later we had all those plus the newest films transferred to VHS, now sadly lost.

From my first camera to this!

I currently post my photos on several commercial website galleries such as Viewbug and my own Facebook Photo Page and this has resulted in many followers. However I like the idea of putting even more of my work up for viewing and under my control more. Hence this website.

Although I’ve been at this photography lark all my life (I am now a pensioner!) it is only since going digital that it has become almost an obsession. Although I did my own colour developing and printing in my wet darkroom, it was expensive with high wastage. As a result I only printed what, at the time, I considered to be the very best of my work. Digital changed all that. Now I could shoot endless variations of a scene without running out of film and at no cost at all. Back on my desktop computer, I’d screen out all the duds and tart up the pictures in ways impossible in the darkroom days.

You’ll notice I am partial to fiddling with my photos and whether it is a good thing or not, or whether it is true photography or not, I don’t care. It is what I like. Maybe there needs to be a new description – “photographer” is maybe too restrictive and something like “digital artist” is more appropriate. Except I’d hesitate to call myself an artist or my work artistic.

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