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Out walking my dogs off the lead in an olive grove outside the village. They were a distance from me when a woman came past with a terrier on a lead. My dogs ran up to her to greet the new dog. Unfortunately, the woman saw two large dogs running at her and panicked, picking up her dog in her arms.

This was the worse thing she could do as my dogs still wanted to sniff her dog’s bum so leapt up. From the woman’s point of view I can see this as frightening and aggressive. To an outsider they’d see two dogs with tails wagging excitedly trying to greet a new dog. Her dog was also wagging its tail and didn’t look worried as my dogs ran up. It was just the reaction of the woman that made for a bad situation. As I say it was a natural reaction on her part if she wasn’t too familiar with dogs.

This is a perrenial problem. It takes away much of the pleasure of walking my dogs even in the campo.

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