Life, the Universe and Everything

I’ve just watched a PBS tv science documentary explaining how the Universe is fine tuned to just the right degree to allow life to develop. The slighted deviation from these settings would make the evolution of life, the stars or galaxies impossible. This then raises the question of how come we find our Universe so suitable.

Surely the idea of a finely tuned universe is misleading? This universe may indeed be tuned just right for carbon based life to evolve. So what? If the universe “settings” had been slightly different there would be no life as we know it Jim, but surely with different laws arising from this different universe, life of some other form could arise? Something we wouldn’t recognise as life if we were able to observe it. But nevertheless it would be life in the terms of that universe.

The current view that we are privileged to live in a universe specially designed for us seems illogical and arrogant. We are what we are because that happens to be the way the Universe is configured. Change things a little and “we” wouldn’t exist, but certainly some other form of life would. What do you think?

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