How Britain Lost The Plot:

I stumbled upon this book “How Britain Lost the Plot” written by Shaun J Lawson and reading the blurb below, I bought a Kindle version. It is so up-to-date it includes the election campaign. The marvels of technology!!

After I’ve read it I’ll give my comments, by which time the election will be due any day. It looks promising, taking a pop at both Conservative and Labour.

Extract from blurb:

The book examines all the key factors behind Britain’s travails, so explores the entire decade. Which has encompassed:

– The economic lunacy of austerity, with a catastrophic impact on the poor, the disabled, the unwell, and the working classes… and the three big lies behind its imposition on an unsuspecting public
– An electoral system which used to deliver stable government but is now wholly unable to cope with multi-party politics
– A left which spent the first half of the decade without a clue what it stood for; the second half being assailed from all sides
– A right which has become angry, nationalistic, even nihilistic in how little it cares for others or even Britain’s best interests
– The country voting itself poorer in 2016 based on a pack of lies… but also as a direct result of decades of failure and the betrayal of many millions of people
– Lies and propaganda not only from the government – but those charged with holding it to account, the media: including the globally respected public broadcaster, which appears to have become the communications wing of the Conservative Party
– A hysterical, ludicrous, utterly unjustifiable campaign attacking the Labour Party for supposed antisemitism despite less than 0.1% of its members being guilty, and two-thirds of the Tory Party being Islamophobic
– And now, a pivotal general election on December 12, with the country at its greatest crossroads since the war

If the right win that election, they will take the UK over the No Deal cliff edge and into a dystopian world of privatised healthcare, disaster capitalism and authoritarianism. The country could become a failed state within a decade. If, however, the left win, it might finally start to heal from all the poison, pain and anger of the last three-and-a-half years, and give its young people a proper future at last, after leaving them out in the cold all decade long.

The stakes could not be higher. This book shines a light on the catalogue of lies the British people have been told, including from those who are supposed to hold truth to power. It’s about the power of government, media propaganda and corruption, the extent of which will astonish you; the complete failure of a bankrupt economic system; the immense suffering of the powerless and voiceless. But it also urges the public to take a golden opportunity at the forthcoming election. A very bright future is possible… if only they have the courage to seize it.

It’s suitable for anyone around the world bewildered at what’s become of a former great power; and for all those there who are frightened, confused, and can hardly make head nor tail of the past 10 years. This book provides comprehensive answers to the questions so many have.

Above all, it’s about what happens when a country abandons reason and evidence in favour of slogans, cliches and buzzwords. And when those charged with challenging it instead become agents of the most monumental bad faith themselves: so parrot these lies for their own personal gain, and leave the vulnerable to rot; in many cases, even to die. In that sense, it’s a warning to the rest of the world. If this can happen to Britain, it can happen anywhere else too.

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