General Election

Well, I’m confused! I was sure it would be a close call because of the lies and misleading promises on both sides, but mainly the Conservatives, which would surely not go unpunished.

But no! People flocked to the Conservatives and abandoned Labour, many, it seems, because they personally disliked Corbyn. A fsuperficial lot aren’t they!! I personally wanted Labour to win purely because as an ex-pat living in Spain, Labour seemed my best chance of continuing to receive free healthcare. Selfish I know.

Although a conservative with a small C, I have to admit the swing to the right had become a problem. social inequality, double libertarianism, the undue influence of big money, all needed to be reigned-in. Some commentators suggest Johnson will indeed attempt to move his party more to the left as a centrist party, especially as he has the majority he has in the Commons.

We’ll have to see. Meanwhile the B word will still be the headline issue for a while yet. The election hasn’t made the problem go away!

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